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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hi everybody,

It's late and my brain is pretty fried so I can only manage a few introductory comments for my first post.

I was born and grew up in New York State but lived the last 20 years in California. I am not looking forward to navigating in the snow again!

I'm a gemini and to the extent they are ambivalent, contradictory personalities I think I fit the profile.

I love theater but didn't get much of it in CA. I really hope I can carve time out from this demanding program to travel to Boston and NYC to see some plays.

I'm really excited to be here engaging in the "life of the mind"!

I'll sign on again after I've had some sleep and try to tackle Leda's question.



Blogger Tary said...

Ellen- you can see some pretty fantastic theater around here, believe it or not! Start with our very own UMASS Department of Theater (my Alma Mater) - there's always something exciting going on there. Included in that would be New World Theater - and inter-cultural theater group doing some really exciting and cutting edge stuff (for the most part). Also, Smith, Mt Holyoke, Amherst, and Hampshire have some great performances as well. My personal opinion is that Smith is (after UMASS) the most professional of the five colleges.

If you're around during the summer months, there are tons of stock and summer theater groups - New Century Theatre is the best - their focus is contemporary theater - and they do four plays over the course of the summer with at least two comedies and two dramas. I've worked with them in the past, and they're a true professional summer theater based out of Smith College (but not affiliated with them). GREAT theater!!!

Hampshire Shakespeare does "Shakespeare Under the Stars" - quite literally an outdoor theater in the summer that does one comedy and one tragedy and the quality just gets better and better every year!

Those are the ones I have direct experience with - but there are lot's of others, too -

I would suggest picking up a copy of the Valley Advocate (new issues come out on Wednesdays) - it's a free local paper (sort of leftist, but it has local theater, music, dance, and other arts listings).

Don't limit yourself to just Boston and NY!

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